A gas station cake where no gas is to be found

I’m a bit of a sucker for the “dump everything in” school of baking, given that I spend every day dealing with micro-volumes of nasty chemicals in multi-step, multi-day techniques dans les labo. So whenever Santos recommends an all-in-one-no-washing-no-hassle recipe, (see here for prior eg.), the baking pans come out. The timing of the recent blog-bake coincided perfectly with our Big Bear BreakTM. What better than to stash all ingredients in one tupperware and head out to the mountains where we could piss off all the neighbours by wafting the scent of chocolate home-baking of an evening?

So, we give you the not-exactly-“Polly Garilao gas station1 chocolate cake” that Santos made and we butchered2:

There’s nae after-shot because we ate it all. Yes, it’s that bloody good. Try it yourself.

1 Gas station [US] = petrol station [the parts of the world where i’ve lived]

2 Editor’s note: Watch the baking temperature. Our cabin’s oven was running hot and we had to shorten the baking time to just over 10 min.


2 thoughts on “A gas station cake where no gas is to be found

  1. ah, the philippines. people buy litres of petrol from gas stations. all western influences at work in terminology! glad you liked the cake. i generally never know how my tastes translate to other people, but this is a genial, popular recipe. most people must like it.

  2. It’s the same in Singapore: British, Australian and North American variations of English are used interchangably. Then there is Singlish.

    The cake was great! Soft, moist, and because we shortened the baking time so much, just a little fudgy in the centre. Might do that deliberately next time for a different textured cake. And its major bonus: veggie oil allows P to eat more without too much sat-fat/cholesterol guilt. He is an old man.

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