Granola thumbprints

It’s been a wasted weekend. Work and sleeping off the effects of a cold have fettered my precious free time. That and 285 posts on the RSS reader. Must streamline. First to go will be the Scotsman feed; too much repetition. I’d already thrown out the right-of-centre blogs a few months ago, but was sucked into reading their recent froths about the COE’s archbishop’s radio interview. Bad idea; even worse, I read some of the comments.

And to top it all, we are out of biscuits/cookies in the house. This is never a good state at the weekend. What exactly am I supposed to have with my tea if not a biscuit? And I was craving jammy dodgers. So it made sense to bake thumbprint cookies, which are just cookies in which you stick your thumb and fill the resulting indentation with jam. No recipe this time; it just wasn’t good enough. Note to self: putting granola in baking only makes it all taste like health food1.

Jammy Thumbprints

Oh, they weren’t awful per se. Just chunky when what I wanted were slightly crisper biscuits, not chewy cookies.

1 Might as well eat one of these.


2 thoughts on “Granola thumbprints

  1. granola in cookies is only good in theory; on my imagination’s tongue, it would taste all oaty and brown buttery, but in RL you’re right, it just tastes like health food.

    lurve your anthroapology plate. they’ve got them at my favourite ceramics outlet in manila for only a buck and a quarter, but i lack faith in my transporting from SE asia to the continental US skillz.

  2. I have that same impression of granola in baking… Why does something that tastes so fabby on cereal or in yoghurt fall flat in cookies?

    Those plates were a result of your grapefruit marmalade serving bowl. I had resisted all temptation to browse the anthropology website until then.

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