Food and politics – Salad or Stew? Butter or Marge?

Here’s a bit of silliness that combines my two casual interests: food and politics (via Serious Eats). Suffice to say, it’s demographics gone mad. Or maybe not. Consider the food preference of the “likely” McCain supporter: high-fibre cereal, protein bars, energy drinks are all foods I would previously have associated with a certain demographic of caucasian, middle-aged, fairly affluent gym-going males. But in California, I’ve met younger males and females who are die-hard Obama supporters who have similar shopping cart contents. Let’s take a look at the food profile of potential Hillary Clinton supporters: also high-fibre cereal, energy bars and energy drinks, but all of “trendier” brands that are associated with shoppers at the more expensive supermarkets (typified by Whole Foods). Hmm, I’m beginning to see a trend here… OK, final look at the third major-party candidate: Barack Obama. Oooh, he bucks the trend with granola and sparkling juice, but retains energy bars.

I think I’ll make one parabolic observation from this NY Times article: Americans like their high-fibre/healthy cereal, buy power/energy/protein bars and energy drinks, and have shopping carts that look nothing like mine¹.


¹ I concede that the intention of the micro-targeting is to categorise the brand choices of the electorate; there is a certain trendiness to the list made for Barack Obama, which makes me suspect the writer of the sidebar of this NY Times article favours him over the other candidates, who have been made out to draw in an older crowd of supporters. The main article, on the other hand, makes a few good points about candidates and the different aspirations of their potential voters.

My usual disclaimer here: I’m not American, I can’t vote in the US elections, and I wasn’t sure who I’d vote for anyway even if I could, but hmm McCain supporters are more likely to go fishing? Sign me up..


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