(Cold) Tingle of anticipation

It’s been a goal of ours since arriving in LA to visit some of the more “unusual” states of the USA, with Alaska being top of that list. Three years on, we feel we really have to make those plans just in case our visas and work contracts are not renewed. A stressful fortnight of dithering (and agonising of a different nature) later, and our flight is booked! Fingers crossed that US Airways does not live down to my poor expectations of the smaller US airlines.

Accommodation, car rental, day excursions have not been finalised, which is a bit risky since we’re hitting Alaska just after the summer tourist season is over. But that’s a minor matter; we’ll enjoy it whatever we end up doing!  Since we’re not prepared to backpack or take multiple bush plane rides, we’ll focus on the areas just south and north of Anchorage: the Kenai Peninsula and the Matanuska-Susitna region. On my wish list are, in no particular order: a boat trip to see the Kenai fjords, a glacier hike, fishing of any kind, and lazy days. Actually, I’d put lazy days right at the top of the agenda.

Which reminds me that I have to sort out the agenda before we miss out on the last fjord boat trip of the summer!

Posting this in lieu of the many food and concert posts that are languishing in my inaccessible cortex and camera memory. And because what is to come is always far more exciting than what has been…


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