Chicken Onna Beer Can

Our Thanksgiving Chook. No turkey for us; we’re having turkey for WinterPaganFestival, and I don’t eat turkey more than once a year.

The Chicken - Front

Recipe in brief:

  1. Dry rub of brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, random couscousesque spices slathered all over washed and dried chicken.
  2. 12oz can of beer opened, and taste tested. Important, that… More spices added to remaining beer in can (~10 fl oz). Chicken delicately placed onto beer can (as photo shows).
  3. Grill prepared. Ashy charcoal pushed to sides of pit, medium sized foil baking tray placed in middle. Cup of water poured into tray. Chicken with beer can up its bum placed on tray.
  4. Chicken grilled in closed pit for ~80 to 90 min. (A few more chunks of charcoal added at 45 min, lid left open until charcoal flames died down again.)
  5. Chicken and can taken out of pit (taking care not to spill hot beer) and allowed to rest for 10-15 min.
  6. Chicken devoured by wolves.
  7. Carcass devoured by wolves.
  8. Humans devoured by wolves.
  9. Photographer obviously survived.

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