Who needs another reason to drink whisky?

We interrupt this lack of bloggage to bring you this piece of breaking news:

Speyside distilleries will now be burning whisky waste, aka draff*, to fuel their operations.

While the case for biofules is still in debate, with naysayers warning of famine being a result of farmers switching over to more profitable biofuel crops, it’s still a step in the right direction, methinks. Without continued experiments and innovation, how are we supposed to find an alternative to our dwindling resource of fossil fuels? Sure, all the alternative energy methods at present have their flaws, some social, others economic, and some even environmental. But all these paltry attempts to use solar, wind, tidal and agricultural sources to power our thirst for energy-sucking devices will one day pay off. Hopefully before we run out of pressurised fossils.

*And before anyone jumps in with the point about the allegedly waste draff already being used to feed livestock, I acknowledge that some research is needed into how much draff is actually used as feed at the moment and whether the draff going to the power plant is truly surplus to requirements.


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