The Currency of Aggravation

While waiting for my crappy work PC to copy some Excel data onto a Google Doc spreadsheet (why does it take you so long, crappy PC?), I like to browse through the 1000s of unread blog posts on my RSS reader. And sometimes, I get to read more than the headlines before the crappy PC hangs. And today, I came across a line that just seemed so appropriate for Crappy Thursday Evening Traffic* on the westside in LA that I had to share it**.

“It’s a currency of aggravation that gathers value with incredible ease.”
–A Customer Service Assistant on the London Underground (via the Going Underground blog)

So true. So apropos.

*TM City of Los Angeles, home to many other crappy times of traffic, but especially on Thursday evenings.

**What do you do when you come across an interesting quote on the interwebs? Bookmark it? Stick it on Blog it? If it’s on my RSS reader, I’ll star or tag it, but that doesn’t cover non-RSS feeds. I used for a while but gave up when it kept making me re-logon on my crappy work PC.


2 thoughts on “The Currency of Aggravation

    • oops, i think i have a tumblr account that does sod all… time to dig out the password.

      clever stickers, that tumblr… i shall keep an eye out for them next time we’re in london.

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