Playground etiquette

There are no doubt written and unwritten rules about hogging playground equipment1. But sometimes, I don’t give a hoot and hog2 the slide anyway because this is my view from the bottom:

Baby loves the slide!

1 Sometimes, I think parenthood is like a bloody high school clique and that the uninitiated are left out in the cold, far reaches of the playground, waiting patiently, futilely, to use the baby swings. Reading several etiquette guides nearly put me off going to a playground.

2 Because this is the interwebs and because there are many folks with strong opinions out there waiting to pounce on those of us in clear need of guidance, here’s the “sitch”: we went down the slide < 5 times, and shared nicely with the other toddler who was also in the mood for sliding. So there. We hogged the slide together.


3 thoughts on “Playground etiquette

  1. Cousin! You read this?
    I think it all started going wrong when parents started hanging out in the playground… I remember being left to our own devices and all the kids just fighting it out amongst ourselves for time on the seesaw.

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