Spring picnic

In keeping with our resolution no. 1, we had our third monthly party of 2012: a spring-time picnic. There’s a nice park on Pico and Virginia Ave in Santa Monica1 with two, yes two, playgrounds: one for toddlers and one for older, more agile/boisterous kids. And we like going on a Saturday morning when there’s a Farmers Market with the all-important coffee and croissant stall2.

So it was a no-brainer to gather some mates for bread and pickings on the grass on a perfect spring-time afternoon3. Fin enjoyed getting his mucky paws in all the food, and we had a nice time sunning ourselves and shooting the breeze.

Guarding the baguette:

Fin and baguette

Peeking over the playground wall:


Even managed to take Fin for a spin on my new (second-hand) bike4.

New bike

1 There are many nice parks in Santa Monica. Los Angeles, the city, could try a little harder to meet the pretty high bar set by SaMo.

2 So sorry, Sunday West LA FM! I still love you the most, but Virginia Ave has a playground!

3 Thunderstorms were forecast for the following day. Yep, thunderstorms in desert-land LA. On the same weekend that Scotland had their 20+C heat wave.

4 We hardly ever drive to the park; it somewhat defeats the purpose of going to a local park, you see. So we walk. But this is how our best intentions can screw us over sometimes: we thought we’d bike to the park and save ourselves aching backs from Ergo-ing the now quite heavy baby. In the end, I cycled, and P took the car… to get an inner tube without a dang hole in it!


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