Fin, Vampire Bunnies, and PoPo

As part of the still irregular until I can keep it up for the whole year, after which it becomes pointless, series of a summary of Finlaggan’s first year, I bring you another festival of snaps taken around this time last year.

Day 71
Count Rabbit, the vampire bunny.
Day 71
Finlaggan and his crew.

It was a time when this was the sum total of Finlaggan’s worldly possessions (aka toys):
Day 71
Previously loved playmat and hanging animals from our fabulous ex-neighbours. Vampire bunny knitted by PoPo. Blue bunny from Grand-Aunty P. Carrot car bunny from Ikea, because I wanted to start his addiction early. PJ bottoms sewed by PoPo and Gu-PoPo 1.

Day 72
And speaking of PoPo, she flew out to hang out with Fin, and here they are playing on her first night here. PoPo won’t be so happy about being shown in pyjamas, but it’s important context for the next photo. Plus, they’re nice pyjamas.

Day 72
A very happy Fin being amused by his PoPo 2.

Day 75
Squeeze me!

This was also the week of Finlaggan’s first party, but let’s save that for next week…

1 Po Po = 婆婆 = maternal grandmother. Gu-PoPo = maternal grand-aunt. Or at least that’s what we’re sticking to for simplicity.

2 Incidentally, the carseat swing shown here was a real hit for the first few months. While I don’t regret getting it, I may not recommend it to others because as soon as Fin took a dislike to the carseat, the swing became pointless.


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