Fin Fun in the Sun

This week’s photo-fest of Fin’s first year comes largely from a party we threw for him at Sunset Rec, an outdoor pool and BBQ park on campus. The party was a bit late for the traditional one-month party in Chinese tradition, but given the copious warnings about whopping cough last year, we decided to wait until Fin had his first vaccinations.

Coochicoo with Aunty H
Fin enjoying being passed around.

Future babysitter
Our future babysitter!

Uncle J
Making faces with my former student.

Baby zone
The Baby Zone.

The other kids table
The other, older kids zone.

G's not impressed with the FLW
Not best friends yet, but give them time…

Hard at work
Manning the pit is usually my job, but I was busy that day…

Changing al fresco
Fin being changed al fresco.

Day 77
Being pushed around by PoPo at the Santa Monica Airport Park.

Day 77
My little alien.

Day 81
My little alien being tickled by his dad’s stubble.

Day 83
His first bath in his new whale bath. All previous baths had been in the kitchen sink.

Day 83
Spa treatment.


Day 84
Only 3 months old, and already embarrassed by his parents.


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