Nobody walks in LA…

Or so it’s commonly thought. But we beg to differ. Los Angeles is quite a walkable city, and where we live, at the border of Los Angeles and Santa Monica, is particularly pedestrian-friendly.

So when jojoebi of jojoebi designs suggested a global neighbourhood photo journal series, we put on our walking shoes and trod the sidewalks to show you our neighbourhood.

Apartment block
An apartment block in Los Angeles.

Turquoise and Orange
A colourful house in neighbouring Santa Monica.

Berkeley St
Looking up the street towards Brentwood, another neighbourhood to the north.

Ambivalent Postbox
A postbox. I’m not sure if it’s happy or sad.

Manhole cover
Manhole covers in LA are utilitarian.

No dumping
But the “no dumping” signs by our drains are very marine!

Big Blue Bus No. 1
This is the big blue bus that I take to work everyday.

Play ball!
Our local park, Stoner Park, with a baseball game in session.

The children’s playground at our local park.

The water playground in our local park, which I’ve never seen in use. We’ll have to find out how to get in this summer!

Santa Monica Farmers Market
A Farmers Market in Santa Monica.

Trader Joe's
Our local shop, Trader Joe’s. It has a nice selection of fresh produce, and a deadly snacks section.

Waste Processing Mural
The Santa Monica recycling centre has a colourful mural describing the life cycle of our waste.

The sun sets on my bus stop
An evening street view.

We hope you’ve enjoyed a tour of where we live. Below are links to the global tour, so check them out in the coming days!

D, P and F

Links to the worldwide neighbourhood tour:
June 25th – jojoebi-designs – Saitama, Japan
June 26th – akatsuki ra-ra-ra – California, USA
June 27th – little red farm – Sweden
June 28th – “Je veux une ‘tite soeur-fille” – Canary islands
June 29th – Knitty Lorn – East Devon, UK
June 30th – We Don’t Need No Education – Michigan, U.S.A
July 1st – Jeollanam-do Salad – South Korea
July 2nd – Merita’s Playground – Slovenia
July 3rd – kids, craft and chaos – Scotland, UK
July 4th – Zonnah’s Addictions – Washington State, USA
July 5th – Adventures of a Rainbow Mama – Australia
July 6th – Se7en – South Africa
July 7th – Talia’s Travel Web Log – New York, USA
July 8th – Monkey Magic – Japan
July 9th – The Pukeko Patch – Wellington, New Zealand
July 10th – Cami Daily – Berlin, Germany
July 11th – Crazy Cambridge mum – Cambridge, UK
July 12th – Schaeresteipapier – Switzerland

And I’ll leave you with some bonus shots of Los Angeles:

The runway at our local Santa Monica airport, with a view of Los Angeles.

View from the Getty
And how Los Angeles looks from the Getty Museum, which we love to visit for its amazing photo exhibitions.


19 thoughts on “Nobody walks in LA…

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    • The roads are much wider here and have more lanes. LA is a very car-centric city.
      And as far as I know, the blue mailbox is the standard. We’ll find out when he other USA wanders are posted!
      Thanks for the invitation; I’m looking forward to seeing the other photo journals!

    • I love the “no dumping” sign too! It makes up for none-too-exciting manhole covers around here.

      And I think our own neighbourhoods always seem boring to us because we see them everyday. I’m looking forward to checking yours out!

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  10. Beautiful pictures! A lot of blue in it: post box, bus and play ground…
    The bus remains me of the film “stranger than fiction”: waiting for the bus and apples…

    • That’s true! I hadn’t noticed the frequency of blue in our neighborhood. LA can seem very monotone because of the buildings, but our gardens and parks are pretty colourful.

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