Aujourd’hui, Îles Canaries; demain, le monde!

The global neighbourhood walk continues today in the Canary Islands, where they have bright (canary?) yellow postboxes and black volcanic sand. Go visit!

Links to the worldwide neighbourhood tour:
June 25th – jojoebi-designsSaitama, Japan
June 26th – akatsuki ra-ra-raCalifornia, USA
June 27th – little red farmSweden
June 28th – “Je veux une ‘tite soeur-fille”Canary islands
June 29th – Knitty Lorn – East Devon, UK
June 30th – We Don’t Need No Education – Michigan, U.S.A
July 1st – Jeollanam-do Salad – South Korea
July 2nd – Merita’s Playground – Slovenia
July 3rd – kids, craft and chaos – Scotland, UK
July 4th – Zonnah’s Addictions – Washington State, USA
July 6th – Se7en – South Africa
July 7th – Talia’s Travel Web Log – New York, USA
July 8th – Monkey Magic – Japan
July 9th – The Pukeko Patch – Wellington, New Zealand
July 10th – Cami Daily – Berlin, Germany
July 11th – Crazy Cambridge mum – Cambridge, UK
July 12th – Schaeresteipapier – Switzerland


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