Mama’s and Dada’s Days

Although Fin isn’t old enough to understand what either day means, we had some fun celebrating both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year1.

My present from P was a nice big pile of pancakes:


And my present from Fin was a nice long lie-in. Until 10am! And some flowers, freshly beheaded from my little strawberry planter:

From Fin
Flowers in his hair

From the dog, I got the usual generous gift of her hair, and a pose on our doorstep:

Dog and baby

And as a bonus, I won at curling against P, the Scotsman! No, there’s no ice in LA, nor the appropriate stones for that matter. But as long as we have chalk, cardboard, and access to a patio, curling can commence!


And on Father’s Day, which thankfully was only a few weekends ago, and thus makes it totally appropriate to post my awesome landslide win against P in curling2, I took father and son out for breakfast at Cafe Literati. They enjoyed some French toast and apple torte between them, and in keeping with the spirit of the day, Fin would not let go of his father3.


And for a special treat, a LARGE cappuccino for Mr P to erase the memory of a sub-par excuse of a capp from the Annenberg Beach House back in Spring. Yes, it’s probably been that long since we went out for brunch…

Large cappuccino

And Kirin’s Father’s Day present to P was to behave herself despite the vocal challenge by two little pooches at the other table:

Kirin too

And we spent the rest of the day just daundering about, just the way P likes his Sundays!

1 Such fun that I haven’t posted anything since then, but you already expected that from me…

2 Rubbing it in. Because it will never happen again. But I will ALWAYS beat him in a scrum. And I can bowl him out any day!

3 He probably just didn’t want to sit in the high chair, but let’s rewrite the story to be more romantic…


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