4th of July Mess

4th of July Mess by framboise
4th of July Mess, a photo by framboise on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Our now traditional 4th of July version of the Eton Mess, recipe (Red, White and Blue Dessert) from Maki of Just Hungry. It is amazing in taste and prettiness, and can be assembled on arrival to prevent over-sogginess of the ginger snaps and meringues.

Our version of Maki’s fabulous recipe (with home made star biscuits and meringues!) is the lazy person’s way to pot luck the 4th of July, although I usually make up for it by hand whipping the cream. Triple ginger snaps and vanilla meringues from Trader Joe’s. Strawberries marinated overnight in vinegar (usually rice since that’s all what we stock in our cupboards) and a spoon of sugar. Blueberries and everything else just folded in after the cream is whipped (use heavy cream if in US; that "whipping cream" is false advertising…).


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