where cats have wings and pigeons don’t Spoiler alert: no plot developments posted, but you may not want to know anything anyway. Mirrormask, yet another collaboration by Neil Gaiman and David McKean, was everything I expected it to be. And since I can’t write a review to save my life (argh, when will i ever […]

To stand in somebody else’s shoes

In today’s theguardian*, Stuart Jeffries talks of understanding our neighbours and, in particular, their religions. Although I’m an out-and-out aetheist, I understand his point about not just “tolerating” our neighbours’ differences, but “understanding” them instead. I was fortunate enough to attend a secular school as a child, which did not enforce its religion on me, […]

Bombs (2?) in Bali

From BBC news: Bali bomb attacks claim 25 lives. From LA times: Death toll climbs to 25 in Bali blasts. Update: Now suspected to be suicide attacks. I find it so difficult to understand why tourist areas are targeted in SE Asia. It makes it less about ideology, and more about economic damage or publicity.


Doing anything this weekend? I wish I wasn’t… Even on regular days, I’m not exactly a sociable animal; more like a hermit crab. But this weekend, the need for solitude is greater. For I have just purchased TP’s Thud and NG’s Anansi Boys. And I rented Donnie Darko – the director’s cut last night, and […]

danger down under

From the BBC’s news magazine: Danger Down Under This brings to mind TP’s continent of XXXX (or FourEcks*), where there are no longer snakes; the slithering reptiles having been eaten by the spiders. And don’t even bother trying to list all the other dangerous species. Not even the sheep are completely harmless… Och, yet another […]

I know that loo…

From the BBC’s news mag: A public inconvenience. My first thought when I saw the photo: I know that loo! How sad is that? It’s the women’s public toilet in Dunbar. Although that is an exemplary toilet, I’m afraid to report that the facilities in nearby Yellowcraigs beach (between North Berwick and Gullane) leave a […]