Who needs another reason to drink whisky?

We interrupt this lack of bloggage to bring you this piece of breaking news: Speyside distilleries will now be burning whisky waste, aka draff*, to fuel their operations. While the case for biofules is still in debate, with naysayers warning of famine being a result of farmers switching over to more profitable biofuel crops, it’s […]

Judge’s "error" about "errors"

UK scientists defend Gore film following a judge’s finding of Gore climate film’s ‘nine errors’. The background as quoted: Mr Justice Burton was asked to rule on whether An Inconvenient Truth could be shown in UK schools. He agreed that it could, provided the “one sided” film was accompanied by guidance notes for teachers. The […]

I didn’t know squirrels could drive cars

Contrary to popular belief, the electric car is not dead. And “tree-huggers” are the new target market for a 40 km/h battery-powered vehicle. According to the makers of Zenn: “The existing market in the states is predominantly gated communities or master-plan communities in the southern states. So that’s typically a 65-year-old plus person who uses […]

Fuel for thought

Two recent reports pour a fair amount of cold water on the biofuels issue. If you recall, I’m not convinced they are the answer to long-term sustainability, but can have some temporary benefits while the search for a solution to the two-fold problem of oil shortage and global warming continues. The first, published by the […]

Coconut Cars

The story on cars fueld by coconut oil on an island in Papua New Guinea sparked a lively conversation in our household about the various alternative fuels on trial all over the world. Coconut oil sounds like the perfect sort of island-based fuel that seems to make environmental sense. Apart from the lower concentration of […]

Green up my Mac

Is this merely Apple patting itself on the back or a genuine effort to lessen the environmental impact of their products? Aside from the lower use of toxic materials (which is to be applauded), Steve Jobs claims that Apple recycled 13 million pounds of “ewaste” last year (9.5% of the weight of product sold 7 […]

Carp to keep crap out

From nature news: Goldfish enlisted in fight against floods – Fish could stop residents carping about open-air drainage ponds. (pun not mine…) Sounds like a might fine idea: re-introducing wetlands… Like the name too: SUDS. Ah ha ha. I laugh. And while this sounds like good environmental practice, in the hands of local councils, glorified […]


From BBC news: Bush rejects Kyoto-style G8 deal “If this looks like Kyoto, the answer is no,” he said in an interview with ITV’s Tonight With Trevor McDonald programme. “The Kyoto treaty would have wrecked our economy, if I can be blunt.” [snip] But he showed signs of coming into line with general world opinion […]