I need a new team

I’m not talking about it. Some choice words from the Beeb: “packed their midfield”, “poverty of their play”, “insipid”, and “stumbled to an 11th defeat away from home”. And some of mine: “4-5-1”, “that’ll never win the match”, and “how far down are you taking us?@!”. Technorati tag: liverpoolfc.

Big Cup saga

Many thanks to the Fiver for their in-depth research (aka googling) on the Liverpool-Champions League saga. The full text from Friday’s (6 May ’05) Fiver email follows. (Please excuse the slightly barmy language. They have a somewhat different audience from the regular Guardian readers.) COULD LIVERPOOL STILL PLAY IN BIG CUP? Let’s be honest: if […]

in or out?

The FA says the top four in the Premiership will go through, as they should, given that those are the current rules. Yet UEFA’s president had this to say at the weekend. Everton is 3 points ahead and has one game in hand. Remaining Everton Premiership fixtures: 07 May 2005, Everton v Newcastle 11 May […]