Fit the twentieh

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In which Arthur finds a crystal bowl, meets a conscious Fenchurch, chats her up, is harrassed by a lady flogging raffle tickets, wins said raffle, promptly loses Fenchurch’s telephone number, and gets colossally bored.

I love the theme tune. It reminds me of happy weekends, listening to the tapes in the car. I loved my HHGTTG tapes. They were my first tapes, and were covered in shiny metallic paper in different cool colours (the purple one really stood out, don’t know why). I lent them to a friend back home, and forgot to ask for them back. Have since bought a new set, but will be investing in the complete collection on CD at some point. Maybe when the Quintessential Phase has been released (which I’ll miss, although I could listen to it online). I also can’t help seeing that photo of the walrus when I think of the Quandary phase, which is based on the fourth book in the trilogy, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. That’s another of my books I’ve not seen in over ten years. I didn’t enjoy SLATFATF the first time I read it. I had just finished reading the trilogy, and picked up my dad’s copy of SLATFATF. I think some of the humour was a bit beyond me at that age, and tried again a few years later. Lots of laughter ensued, but I haven’t revisited it since. I’m looking forward to rediscovering it as a radio play.

Link to Fit the Twentieh, Quandary Phase repeats. (On Radio 4’s site until the 17th of May.) Fleshed-out episode synopses.

Dig that hoopy frood. Tuesdays are like having a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, or a cuppa tea if you’re so inclined. The Quandary phase on Radio 4 at 6.30pm, and if you stay up late (or have a VCR), the TV series on BBC 2 at 11.20pm. Even as a kid I thought Zaphod’s second head was a bit pathetic, even if it was state of the art. DNA: such a visionary that technology struggled to keep up with him (and still does). And while Movie-Marvin may look swish, Marvin will always be a clapped-out clunky robot stereotype to me.

Do say: “Well, Zaphod’s just zis guy, you know…”

Don’t say: “Wait a minute, what’s this switch? … No, I was only fooling. We are going to die after all.”

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