2012 Winter Festival Tree

2012 tree, a photo by framboise on Flickr. Via Flickr: Our cardboard tree for christmas / winter festival 2012. Cut in one night, assembled on another. Cardboard boxes salvaged from the hospital’s IT dept, who were obviously upgrading the entire department, judging by the boxes they were throwing out. Festive coloured binder clips from Staples. […]

Waffling on and on

We have something of a love-hate relationship with our waffle maker. Back in the day of believing that Krups doesn’t make crap, we bought an electric waffle maker. All attempts at waffle-making with the included recipe and several epicurious versions resulted in things which resembled waffles, but were nothing like. Examples: Too dry. Tasted like […]

A year* of knitting

I’ve been, as they say, knitting up a storm. What kicked it off was an impulse to knit another baby-related item for my then-still-incubating new nephew. Last year’s toddler mittens nearly put me off knitting in the round forever. Turns out what I dislike is using metal double-pointed needles. I’d stretch as far as hate, […]