Happy Turkey/Tofu Day

Andrew reflects my opinions on the mysterious need of Americans for TWO successive family feasts that almost always end in tears. While I enjoy a celebration to cheer us all up in the darkest days of winter1, it really depends on who you spend it with. Don’t get me wrong; I like spending time with friends and family. Mainly because we have no expectations of each other and the occasion. I’ve heard tell of families (first-hand, mind you. not friends of friends etc.) where EVERY big holiday ends in tears, usually because of highly romanticised notions of what these occasions should be like2. And even after their disappointment of Thanksgiving, they still go into Christmas all-guns-blazing and expecting it to be perfect. It’s like expecting to find turkey and trimmings on the table, but getting turkey vulture instead:

Bet this turkey is glad it's a vulture

1 OK, maybe not in LA.
2 This seems to be more prevalent here than in the UK. Or perhaps my friends in the US are of a different ilk.


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