Brill Breakfast Burrito

Nae baking the last two weekends. Hair cuts, new guitar and work have eaten up all my free time. But I’d like to take a moment to sing the praises of my favourite LaLaLand breakfast food: the breakfast burrito. Viewers of my photoblog on Flickr may remember the first burrito I had in LA, ship-sinker that it was. I have not exactly been enamoured of huge floppy burritos that can feed an entire football team since. But one particular burrito has warmed the cockles of my cold anti-burrito soul: the Ketchy’s II breakfast burrito.

Our favourite breakfast burrito

It is a fried breakfast lover’s dream come true: a perfectly fried omelette, rolled up with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and streaky bacon in an easy-to-hold wheat tortilla origami creation. Breakfast-to-go. Or, in our case, linger after our bi-monthly haircut1.

Ketchy’s II2
11270 La Grange Ave (just behind the shabu shabu restau Mizu)
Los Angeles CA 90025
+1 310 481 0799

1 Tip for those who wish to sit and eat: the tables outside don’t usually get much sun. But if you’re there sometime between 11am and noon, there are two little tables under the trees that get nice and warm. There. It’s taken me 2 1/2 years, but I’ve finally picked up a few insider tips and tricks. And share them with you.

2 There’s a bit of history behind the Ketchy name. I think it used to be a taco stand, which was unfortunately smashed by a truck. At any rate, it’s now a hole-in-the-wall, and the fry-cook (ala Spongebob) is a super omelette fryer. I live for my haircuts now…

3 Not only do we not leave the Westside much, we don’t even venture much further east than just west of the 405. Sad.


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