Waffling on and on

We have something of a love-hate relationship with our waffle maker. Back in the day of believing that Krups doesn’t make crap, we bought an electric waffle maker. All attempts at waffle-making with the included recipe and several epicurious versions resulted in things which resembled waffles, but were nothing like. Examples: Too dry. Tasted like […]

Spring picnic

In keeping with our resolution no. 1, we had our third monthly party of 2012: a spring-time picnic. There’s a nice park on Pico and Virginia Ave in Santa Monica1 with two, yes two, playgrounds: one for toddlers and one for older, more agile/boisterous kids. And we like going on a Saturday morning when there’s […]


crankasaurus, originally uploaded by framboise. Via Flickr: apparently, he was happily shaking his sippy cup rhythmically mere seconds before this shot. popping round the corner to grab the camera to record said rhythm-making was construed as heartless abandonment, and Mr F made his displeasure very clear indeed. boy is just like his mama (opinion of […]