Death Cabs, Pornographers and Twins – a normal night out in lalaland

To fill the gaping hole that is the weblog of my soul, I’m re-posting (aka C, V) my tipsy recollections of a pretty awesome Hollywood Bowl concert on the 5th of July, featuring: The New Pornographers, Tegan and Sara, and Death Cab for Cutie with the LA Phil. As a biased, pretty easy-to-please fan of […]

Sexy Salonen*

I’ve been a busy bee: R.E.M. at the Hollywood Bowl, quickly followed by the LA Philharmonic playing Salonen’s Piano Concerto at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Of the two nights, you’d think that I’d have enjoyed the Hollywood Bowl night of rock more, but perhaps as a sign of aging, I think the LA Phil […]

R.E.M. at the Bowl

R.E.M. played at the Hollywood Bowl this Thursday past. Fresh off the plane from the East Coast, P and I headed along with our ghetto “recycled” plastic bottles of wine. Yes, we resorted to pouring a bottle of wine into some “Honest Tea” drink bottles (irony intended) because this was a “lease event”, which meant […]


This post sat as a draft for a wee whiley, with the thought of a new behind-the-scene migration prompting publication before my confessional was lost for good. It was written one slightly tipsy evening in early December. Two weeks ago, I was the happiest I’ve been for a long time. Contrapunctal Bach may be stimulating, […]