Kimchi noodles revisited

These kimchi noodles were so good and so tasty, they prompted a blog post after a month of absence. This is round two, with udon instead of somen. The different noodles create completely different eating experiences. We had both cold, like noodle salads. Even so, the udon version was very more-ish. Chewy and mouth-filling, it’s […]

Super-speedy Sesame-sprinkled Somen with Kimchi

Sashiburi de, interwebs. I return to report on what will become a staple super-fast dinner in my household: kimchi noodles┬╣. It’s not often that I have all the ingredients in the pantry for Serious Eats’ Dinner Tonight column, but in our recent East Asian phase, we have stocked up on kimchi and a variety of […]