Minor housekeeping

On par with a quick dusting so you can see the TV screen again.

Since it’s all-change on the real life front, I thought I’d update this blog a little bit too. I’ve borrowed (or stolen) from chicken yoghurt the idea of placing news snippets that I don’t have the inclination to yak too much about in wee boxes, along with a few choice/lazy comments about the story. The bloglines clipblog I’ve been using occasionally doesn’t quite work, since it stores the news clippings on its site, and I can’t work out how to interleave it with this blog. I also stuck on the “Blog this” extension onto Firefox, which cuts down the onerous step of cut and pasting the URL of the story.

Another wee change is the time zone for the blog. Having tried to change it to US Pacific time, I found it retrospectively changed all my UK entries as well, once I republished the index. So I’ve given up trying to be multi-national, and am sticking it on GMT. That way, I’m covered for blogging here, there, and over the summer/winter transition. Not that the time or date really matters… But sometimes it’s useful to know that the piece you’re reading was written at 2am by an irrational insomniac driven crazy by traffic noise and feeling p-ed off about something.

01 Jul ’05 update: I’ve just realised that the unclicked link is a similar colour to the snippet background. But since I’ve clicked on all the links that I’m posting on (and don’t want to clear my cache just to check this), I can’t tell if there is enough contrast to read. Drop me a line if it’s awful. (I know the blog, as it stands, doesn’t meet web standards for readability. I’ll try to rectify that on my next nothing-to-do day.)


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