Pesky pre-primary pussyfooting

Any semi-regular reader (that’s you, you and you over there who reads the food posts) can guess on which arm of the political spectrum I lie. (Or quadrant, if left and right are too simple for you.) So you must have been rather pleased that I haven’t been inundating these pages1 with posts about the […]

Here’s another thing to complain about, S’poreans

Singapore: a clean, tropical island state that has strongly discouraged1 public performances of the fairly innocuous Complaints Choir (the original Birmingham version, in the home country of the bright sparks who thought it up-Helsinki and elsewhere in the world). (via the ever on-the-ball Elia Diodati) Copied and pasted from the choir’s website, an explanation of […]

Nail SOCPA before it nails you

Just a quickie while I grapple with iMovie to make yet another dire home video and struggle with the RAW files off the beast. In the run-up to the public consultation on the authoritarian SOCPA laws, various liberal-leaning folk like Curious Hamster and Tim Ireland have been discussing looseness of such laws and the potential […]