Eating in Chi-Town

Most people associate Chicago with deep-dish pizza, as did we when we first visited, but there is a rich gastronomic scene beyond pizza in Chi-Town. Sadly, we didn’t get to explore the upper echelons of food culture this time, but were reasonably impressed by the offerings of the kid-friendly restaurants and cafes.

Some highlights (i.e. ones we actually remembered to take photos of):

Chicago Hot Dog
Chicago Hot Dog at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Sausage at the sausagefest.

First milkshake!
Fin’s first milkshake at RJ Grunt’s1.

Chips and buns
A RJ Grunt’s burger.

Nookie's toffee banana pancake stack
Stack of toffee and banana pancakes at Nookies.

Slab of super tender ribs
Very tender and tasty ribs from Twin Anchors, round the corner from our B and B.

Empanada from Lito’s.

Thai takeout
Thai takeout with yummy roast duck that passed the Fin test.

And pizza from Five Boroughs, although not of the deep dish variety.

Two handed pizza sticks
Garlic sticks so good that they were eaten double handed, also from Five Boroughs.

1 Red eyes probably due to hay fever. He was cranky all day…


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