Random Photo Tuesday, reinstated as my 2013 lunar new year resolution.

Fin, P and a bunch of penguins watched each other for a good 10 min one Sunday afternoon. Apart from playing with water, cloud dough and watching Pocoyo, I’ve never seen Fin so enthralled by something for so long.

Then he went a blew that record by watching a bunch of sharks for 15 min!

Incidentally, he’s in that ridiculous* one-piece suit because that’s his emergency change of clothes. Fin christened his car seat with his first ever double chunder shortly after arriving in Long Beach, just after getting off the windy, bumpy 710 freeway.

* Ridiculous because it was like 30C (90+F) in the shade that weekend due to the regular “freak” Santa Ana winds that turn LA into Death Valley.

Jump into 2013

Happy 2013!

Not being organised enough to send out a family photo for Christmas, we decided that the New Year was an equally good reason to send out greetings. So we choreographed a mini video and photo shoot largely in the following fashion:

[Estimated transcript, circa Boxing Day 2012]
D: Let’s take a photo to send out in an New Year greeting email since we didn’t send out a photo of Fin for Christmas.
P: [nothing]

[Morning of intended photo shoot, with 1 day to go before the end of 2012]
D: Let’s go to the airport park and make a jumping video.
P: [nothing]
D: Wake up! Let’s go to the park!
P: [rolled over in bed]

[Several hours into the day, nearly noon]
D: We can get a bento from Marukai if you wake up now and drive us to the airport park. And Fin can take his new dump truck.
P: [nothing]
F: Arrrrgh! [manic screams, cooped up for too long in the apartment]
P: [stirs from bed, grumbles his way to bathroom]
D+F: [playing to stave off meltdown]

And some time after, with many more distractions and false starts, we end up at the park and make various stabs at taking videos and photos without the aid of a tripod. Fortunately, that dump truck came in handy. 😀

Happy New Year!

Jump into 2013 a video by framboise on Flickr.

2012 Winter Festival Tree

2012 tree by framboise
2012 tree, a photo by framboise on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Our cardboard tree for christmas / winter festival 2012. Cut in one night, assembled on another.

Cardboard boxes salvaged from the hospital’s IT dept, who were obviously upgrading the entire department, judging by the boxes they were throwing out.

Festive coloured binder clips from Staples. Holds 2 pieces of cardboard together to make up for the fold in each piece.

2 circular cardboard struts provide further stability.

Snowflake lights from IKEA (2011).

Yet to be done: cover the free advertising for HP using paper snowflakes, and attempt to hang ornaments from binder clips.


Patriotic Photo Tuesday1

In honour of Singapore’s National Day2, I present to you… a pancake in the shape of the Island of Singapore3!

1 Not really. I’m not cut out to be patriotic, nationalist or any such proud-to-be-a-member-of-anything type of person. WAY too cynical for that…

2 9th of August. Get ready to sing and cringe simultaneously.

3 You thought I was kidding? No, really, look4:

4 Even the dimple in the middle of the pancake looks like MacRichie and Seletar reservoirs combined.