Merry Winter Festival!

smile! by framboise

smile!, a photo by framboise on Flickr.

Fin is happy when he has a piece of gingerbread in hand.

Aren’t we all?


2012 Winter Festival Tree

2012 tree by framboise
2012 tree, a photo by framboise on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Our cardboard tree for christmas / winter festival 2012. Cut in one night, assembled on another.

Cardboard boxes salvaged from the hospital’s IT dept, who were obviously upgrading the entire department, judging by the boxes they were throwing out.

Festive coloured binder clips from Staples. Holds 2 pieces of cardboard together to make up for the fold in each piece.

2 circular cardboard struts provide further stability.

Snowflake lights from IKEA (2011).

Yet to be done: cover the free advertising for HP using paper snowflakes, and attempt to hang ornaments from binder clips.


Patriotic Photo Tuesday1

In honour of Singapore’s National Day2, I present to you… a pancake in the shape of the Island of Singapore3!

1 Not really. I’m not cut out to be patriotic, nationalist or any such proud-to-be-a-member-of-anything type of person. WAY too cynical for that…

2 9th of August. Get ready to sing and cringe simultaneously.

3 You thought I was kidding? No, really, look4:

4 Even the dimple in the middle of the pancake looks like MacRichie and Seletar reservoirs combined.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Dear wonderful people of Chicago who fund the Lincoln Park Zoo,

You have our heartfelt gratitude for the daily de-cranking that your wonderful, and FREE, zoo afforded our crankasaurus1.

Finlaggan was largely unimpressed by the

Sun Bear




and other colourful, exotic animals.

Not for him, these creatures that populate his books. No, Mr FLW was all about the goats. Yes, goats2.

Pet the goat
Goats that go Meh…

Goats go Meh...
Other goats that go Meh…

Goats eat roofs
And more goats that go Meh, and eat the roof of the shed.

So, dear wonderful people of Chicago who fund the marvellously free Lincoln Park Zoo, don’t you think your money was well-spent?

So long, and thanks for all the goats!

P, D, and F

1 Maybe he’s teething. Or maybe it was jetlag. Or maybe it’s the early onset of the terrible two. Whatever it is, Mr FLW is getting cantankerous.

2 For about a week after that, all animals were goats, including birds. Excepts ducks. Ducks are different. They are a whole different Kingdom. Possibly Ducksgoquackia.