Lincoln Park Zoo

Dear wonderful people of Chicago who fund the Lincoln Park Zoo,

You have our heartfelt gratitude for the daily de-cranking that your wonderful, and FREE, zoo afforded our crankasaurus1.

Finlaggan was largely unimpressed by the

Sun Bear




and other colourful, exotic animals.

Not for him, these creatures that populate his books. No, Mr FLW was all about the goats. Yes, goats2.

Pet the goat
Goats that go Meh…

Goats go Meh...
Other goats that go Meh…

Goats eat roofs
And more goats that go Meh, and eat the roof of the shed.

So, dear wonderful people of Chicago who fund the marvellously free Lincoln Park Zoo, don’t you think your money was well-spent?

So long, and thanks for all the goats!

P, D, and F

1 Maybe he’s teething. Or maybe it was jetlag. Or maybe it’s the early onset of the terrible two. Whatever it is, Mr FLW is getting cantankerous.

2 For about a week after that, all animals were goats, including birds. Excepts ducks. Ducks are different. They are a whole different Kingdom. Possibly Ducksgoquackia.

Boats and bubbles on the fourth

A low key 4th of July this year for us.


The day started out wet and gray. The June gloom was particularly thick that morning as I waited for the bus.

Gray LA.jpg

And since I spent the morning at work, we decided to skip our annual 4th of July BBQ. We’ve also had 5 parties in June alone, which has depleted my bank account and tired me out. We’re not social butterflies, and parties are hard work! So we spent the day doing absolutely nothing spectacular at all, which was fun!

We spent the early afternoon at the Venice Canals, watching the local regatta of wind-powered boats.

Venice Canal Regatta
The starting line.

Fin decided that he had to walk everywhere. We decided that he had to hold our hands. He often disagreed.

Out for a walk


And tired out from walking all afternoon, Fin enjoyed his stroller nap, waking up just in time to get in the car.


Playing with water
Playing with water on the patio.

We blew bubbles.

And this is how we blow bubbles



Dog perplexed

To stay home with the scardey-cat dog, we skipped the fireworkds, and had some non-traditional tofu hotpot and the Totoro movie to end the day.

Tofu Jjigae