Patriotic Photo Tuesday1 Singapore-shaped pancake by framboise, on Flickr In honour of Singapore’s National Day2, I present to you… a pancake in the shape of the Island of Singapore3! 1 Not really. I’m not cut out to be patriotic, nationalist or any such proud-to-be-a-member-of-anything type of person. WAY too cynical for that… 2 9th of […]

I am craving

aka How akatsukira would spend her last day on earth. Breakfast: Roti prata Tau huey (sweetened bean curd) Soya bean milk (see above) with you tiao (chinese churros) Nasi Lemak Teh Tarik (or even just ginger tea) Teochew porridge Taiwanese porridge Dan tart Soon Kueh Chwee Kueh Kaya on white plastic bread Bak Kut Teh […]

Here’s another thing to complain about, S’poreans

Singapore: a clean, tropical island state that has strongly discouraged1 public performances of the fairly innocuous Complaints Choir (the original Birmingham version, in the home country of the bright sparks who thought it up-Helsinki and elsewhere in the world). (via the ever on-the-ball Elia Diodati) Copied and pasted from the choir’s website, an explanation of […]