Happy New Year, Kirin!

I’d like to start the year by correcting an omission in last night’s review of our 2011. Our darling dog Kirin, patiently waiting to be walked this morning, is still very much loved despite my forgetting to post any photos of her! So to make up for Kirin, here’s one just for her (photos all […]

and breathe…

It’s been manic. My summer disappeared in a haze of work (good) and people throwing hissy-fits at work (not good). Early autumn was devoted to preparing for, attending, talking at, and then recovering from a large science conference in Chicago. Some fortuitous foresight on my part in summer meant that I also had a few […]

She’s a big girl now

It’s 2 years to the Superbowl Sunday when we met Queen Kirinopolophagus. She was, and remains, a super-dominant, passive-aggressive, eternally-shedding, attention-seeking, loveable, loyal, luscious, ludicrous specimen of Canis lupus. Here she is on her birthday: And she’s knackered from chasing balls on the beach here: Here’s her looking a little worried (she remains fearful of […]

Gratuitous doggy photo

France comes to a standstill, cancer research takes a hit and Aberdeenshire can either get some new jobs or a trashed environment. But I’ve got nothing for you. 12 hours straight at the bench; perhaps all for nothing. Here’s a gratuitous P and dog photo from August to cheer myself up. That post about our […]