Places I Miss

And probably don’t exist anymore… A real Kopi Tiam, with lau ah pek’s talking about horse racing at the top of their voices. A true Hawker Centre, with ka-chuak crunching underfoot, where the food is served on colourful melamine plates that you throw in a big wash basin after you’re finished. Plastic chopsticks in a […]


Hey you guys!

P doesn’t remember ever watching The Electric Company, whereas I watched it religiously as a child. It was on par with Sesame Street as far as I was concerned, just sans muppets and not so babyish. I don’t know what made me seek it out tonight. I started singing the “C is for Cookie” song […]

CDs, tapes, LPs, MP3s; they all have a place in my life

Have today’s teens even touched an LP? Proof my family is weird #567: My dad threw out all his records when cassette tapes became popular, instantly regreting it years later when the quality started deteriorating. And when CDs first appeared, he immediately jumped on the digital bandwagon, and re-purchased his favourite Gramaphone records. This meant […]