Grant Proposals

Academic research is pretty much funded by investigators panhandling, using the medium of grant applications. These suck up more than 50% of ones effort in times of poor funding. I’d like to propose a new method of grant applications: the 140 character limit Tweet. Dear Funding Body, Plz gimme sum munny. My lab iz broke […]

Holliday junction resolution resolved to solve cancer problem

Sometimes I wonder where the breakdown in communication between scientists and journalists lies. In this article about a recent study on a DNA damage checkpoint enzyme, the Beeb describes the study as such: Research into how the human body repairs damaged DNA has been described as a “major breakthrough”. The way that cells protect themselves […]

Intelligent female scientist seeks solution

I’ve been thinking about the future1, my place in it, and my place in scientific research. Having bored myself silly with self-centeredness, I looked further afield. Back in July2, Professor Greenfield was deploring the lack of female scientists in the higher echelons of her profession. She makes a few fair points, but, as can only […]