Jingle bells – Frozen balls

[to the tune of the jingle bells chorus]1 Is it cold, in the snow? Have yer balls dropped off? What is the temp’rature outside, Are cow pats all frozen? Hey! It looks like, it will be The warmest winter yet In thirty years of history You might not need a hat!2 1 Sorry one and […]


An interesting analysis of the original cause of the Darfur war/conflict/genocide. An excerpt: More recent computer modelling has suggested that rain patterns over Africa are influenced rather by ocean temperatures, and those in turn reflect global warming, and the rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In other words, droughts in Africa may be caused […]

The Californian State vs The EPA

So, the Governator may sue the EPA over their slowness in allowing California to pass a vehicle emissions law. While I applaud this state’s attempts at tackling climate change, I still find it a little ironic that Schwarzenegger is still driving his damn Humvees. Extracted from the article: Teased by conference host Michael Milken about […]