Russia comes to the Hollywood Bowl

Courtesy of a German conductor. This weekend has been Tchaikovsky-tastic at the Hollywood Bowl: two nights of the Russe with fireworks. The evening started rousingly with T’s Cossack dance: your steroetypical populist folksy tune made classical. It set the scene for a evening of entertaining cheesiness. Now, don’t get me wrong. I lurve Tchaikovsky, and […]

CDs, tapes, LPs, MP3s; they all have a place in my life

Have today’s teens even touched an LP? Proof my family is weird #567: My dad threw out all his records when cassette tapes became popular, instantly regreting it years later when the quality started deteriorating. And when CDs first appeared, he immediately jumped on the digital bandwagon, and re-purchased his favourite Gramaphone records. This meant […]


On many online things, I’m a real late-adopter. So, three years after the inception of Audioscrobbler, I’ve joined in. Like wonderful electric, my collection isn’t much to brag about (actually, his is rather better than mine). Perhaps if I was willing to take more risks and download music via torrent-like apps, I’d have a better […]