Food and politics – Salad or Stew? Butter or Marge?

Here’s a bit of silliness that combines my two casual interests: food and politics (via Serious Eats). Suffice to say, it’s demographics gone mad. Or maybe not. Consider the food preference of the “likely” McCain supporter: high-fibre cereal, protein bars, energy drinks are all foods I would previously have associated with a certain demographic of […]

Pesky pre-primary pussyfooting

Any semi-regular reader (that’s you, you and you over there who reads the food posts) can guess on which arm of the political spectrum I lie. (Or quadrant, if left and right are too simple for you.) So you must have been rather pleased that I haven’t been inundating these pages1 with posts about the […]

Lib Dem spat/row/silliness

As much as I dislike slander in modern-day politics, sometimes I think reactions to name-calling can get even worse than the original infraction. Take the case of the recent nastiness involving Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne. It was not nice of the Huhne camp to coin the “Calamity” nickname. Perhaps more than not nice; irresponsible, […]

Dawkins in the Doghouse

As a sign of how little I read outside science these days, it’s taken a full week for this debacle to reach my consciousness via the sharpener. And without launching into is-he-or-isn’t-he 1, the Sharpener article’s comment about prevalent mud-flinging attitudes reminded me of a recent Doonesbury comic [clicky the linky; I don’t want to […]