Liverpool scarf

The best team in Europe, 2005!

Originally uploaded by framboise.

I cannae believe it! Liverpool have done it! Despite all my earlier pessimism, I’m on cloud nine. Even the prospect of a dull afternoon being interrogated at US embassy tomorrow was forgotten for the duration of the game.

Du-du-du-dudek! Du-du-du-du-du-dek… (repeat ad nauseum)
(There’s a silly wee tune for this; I made it up years ago.)

Even through the euphoria, I still think Everton worked hard for their fourth place, and deserve to compete in the Champions League next season. How UEFA are going to allocate Liverpool a place remains to be seen. Will some lesser known European team be deprived of their hard-earned place?

08 Jun ’05 update: Courtesy of the Fiver, I’ve just realised why this site has been getting hits from Google for Variations on a Theme of Dudek. Apparently, there’s some silly song going around by a-group-I-shall-not-name-for-fear-of-getting-more-such-hits. If you’ve come in search of the song, I’m terribly sorry. My Dudek song was composed more than three years ago, in recognition of his goalkeeping prowess (post-Westerveld and pre-Kirkland). As a salve for the disappointment, how about I send you here instead? (While there, you must check out the Chaplin-esque video. Fun for all.)

I might as well confess that I also have one for Edwin van der Saar, back in the days when Holland had a decent voetbal team. Hopefully, no other bandwagon-jumping pop group will release a stilly song about him.


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