Reds? What reds? Do we care anymore?

So, I don’t really care that much anymore1, but enough to look for some coverage that doesn’t involve having to refresh the BBC or Guardian pages every few minutes. Now, we can’t get Five Live over the internet (outside the UK) when they have live commentary because of the whole licence fee issue. For previous […]



LFC in Athens? If I cared anymore, I would be excited. But since their ill-advised purchase on the back of a loan, which they will have to service forevermore or collapse, my interest has waned. Once upon a time, I would have downed tools just to watch the game. Then again, the game would have […]

I cannae believe it: Scotland scored the *first* try against France! And as I post this, it’s 10-0… It’s been near impossible to catch any of the 6 Nations here. Update: It’s noo 13-3. Chicken-counter P is a wee bit upset that France managed to claw back 3 points before half-time. Him and the other […]