LFC in Athens? If I cared anymore, I would be excited. But since their ill-advised purchase on the back of a loan, which they will have to service forevermore or collapse, my interest has waned. Once upon a time, I would have downed tools just to watch the game. Then again, the game would have […]

Foot in door

From BBC news: Liverpool get in Champions League. I’m obviously not a true-Red ‘cos I think UEFA has been very generous in not only giving Liverpool the chance to defend their Champions League title, but also seeding them (though not going as far as putting them in the group stages). Now, a true fan would […]


The best team in Europe, 2005! Originally uploaded by framboise. I cannae believe it! Liverpool have done it! Despite all my earlier pessimism, I’m on cloud nine. Even the prospect of a dull afternoon being interrogated at US embassy tomorrow was forgotten for the duration of the game. Du-du-du-dudek! Du-du-du-du-du-dek… (repeat ad nauseum) (There’s a […]