Just wait till I get out my inkjet

What they said. As a researcher, albeit of a different speciality, if I put out crap that hung on a tenuous piece of evidence, I’d be jobless. Granted, I have a modicum of control over my experimental settings. But if the result is not what I predicted or does not fit my hypothesis, I don’t […]

Lib Dem spat/row/silliness

As much as I dislike slander in modern-day politics, sometimes I think reactions to name-calling can get even worse than the original infraction. Take the case of the recent nastiness involving Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne. It was not nice of the Huhne camp to coin the “Calamity” nickname. Perhaps more than not nice; irresponsible, […]

Are we taking the terror thing too far?

One of the most level-headed things I’ve read about the shooting of Charles de Menezes by the Met: However, [Clare Montgomery, QC] told the jury: “If the Metropolitan Police are exposing the people of London to danger because they are not doing what is reasonable and what is practicable, it is surely in the interests […]