Okonomiyaki, a photo by framboise on Flickr. Kansai-style okonomiyaki is pretty easy to make. Admittedly, we cheat by using a prepared flour mix, but you could make it from scratch with bonus foodie points using Maki-san’s okonomiyaki recipe. If/when we ever move somewhere without an Asian supermarket, I’ll be hoarding okonomiyaki sauce and Kewpie mayonnaise […]

Beach baby

Come rain or shine, Fin loves the beach! It may be the sand, or the freedom to wander, or maybe it’s just that it’s so different from his daily routine of concrete and roads. Whatever the reason, we’re glad he’s always happy on the beach! Santa Monica Beach, CA Dockweiler Beach, CA Venice Beach, CA […]

Nobody walks in LA…

Or so it’s commonly thought. But we beg to differ. Los Angeles is quite a walkable city, and where we live, at the border of Los Angeles and Santa Monica, is particularly pedestrian-friendly. So when jojoebi of jojoebi designs suggested a global neighbourhood photo journal series, we put on our walking shoes and trod the […]

Spring picnic

In keeping with our resolution no. 1, we had our third monthly party of 2012: a spring-time picnic. There’s a nice park on Pico and Virginia Ave in Santa Monica1 with two, yes two, playgrounds: one for toddlers and one for older, more agile/boisterous kids. And we like going on a Saturday morning when there’s […]