Chicken Onna Beer Can

Our Thanksgiving Chook. No turkey for us; we’re having turkey for WinterPaganFestival, and I don’t eat turkey more than once a year. Recipe in brief: Dry rub of brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, random couscousesque spices slathered all over washed and dried chicken. 12oz can of beer opened, and taste tested. Important, that… […]

Beef Stroggy

Went a bit mad buying weekday lunch ingredients in the supermarket last week. Cooked pounds of chicken thigh, pounds of carrots, and pounds of ham and beans, leaving behind half a cow in the fridge. The critical question today was not whether I could get the RO1 edited in time, nor whether I’d remember to […]

Ginger biccies

Made some ginger biscuits, recipe courtesy of BBC’s h2g2 pages. Three substitutions: used butter instead of margarine, raw crunchy brown turbinado sugar of forgotten name instead of demerara sugar, and maple syrup instead of golden syrup. Just because those were staple pantry items. It worked pretty well. I plopped two different sizes of dough on […]

Lamb and beans stew for the lazy

Lamb stew is possibly the only thing we can get away with when we have chunks of lamb in the freezer. Fortunately, it’s one of those easy dishes you can put on while you get on with the weekly chores of hoovering and the damn laundry. And doubly fortunately, it’s a very forgivable dish: you […]