Ginger biccies

Made some ginger biscuits, recipe courtesy of BBC’s h2g2 pages. Three substitutions: used butter instead of margarine, raw crunchy brown turbinado sugar of forgotten name instead of demerara sugar, and maple syrup instead of golden syrup. Just because those were staple pantry items. It worked pretty well. I plopped two different sizes of dough on […]

A gas station cake where no gas is to be found

I’m a bit of a sucker for the “dump everything in” school of baking, given that I spend every day dealing with micro-volumes of nasty chemicals in multi-step, multi-day techniques dans les labo. So whenever Santos recommends an all-in-one-no-washing-no-hassle recipe, (see here for prior eg.), the baking pans come out. The timing of the recent […]

Perfectly imperfect chocolate cakes

Don’t you hate it when you bake a cake and it turns into a dog’s breakfast by the time a few folk have tried to saw through it with plastic knives? I thought I’d preempt that by making lots of bite-sized cakes for that mega-lab party I’m committed to attending tamara. Perfect for buffets and […]